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Welcome! Here you will find technical information about all our AWP games. Octavian Gaming’s game software are designed and developed thinking to players and customers needs.

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  • Master Club Mirage Master Club Mirage  
    Bet Max Tiger Bet Max Tiger  
    Play 360 Play 360  
    Gigamix Devil Gigamix Devil  
    Gigamix Atomic Gigamix Atomic  
    Gigaset Solar Gigaset Solar  
    Gigaset Titan Gigaset Titan  
    Gigamix Fusion Gigamix Fusion  
    Gigaset Vertigo Gigaset Vertigo  
    Gigaset Armageddon Gigaset Armageddon  
    Megamix Champion Megamix Champion  
    Super strike Super strike  
    Dreamset Diablo Dreamset Diablo  
    Dreamset Revenge Dreamset Revenge  
    Turbo Spin Turbo Spin  
    Dreamset El Dorardo Dreamset El Dorardo  
    Dreamset Cobra Dreamset Cobra  
    Megamix Predator Megamix Predator  
    Macao Red Macao Red  
    High 7 Deluxe High 7 Deluxe  
    Super Fire Super Fire  
    Dreamset Vampire Dreamset Vampire  
    Dreamset Arena Dreamset Arena  
    Megamix Dominator Megamix Dominator  
    Dreamset Scorpio Dreamset Scorpio  
    Cash Cash Cash Cash  
    Dreamset Magic Dreamset Magic  
    Dreamset Olympus Dreamset Olympus  
    Gods & Treasure Gods & Treasure  
    Dreamset Casino Dreamset Casino  
    Dreamset Royale Dreamset Royale  
    Hot Reels Hot Reels  
    Dreamset Infinity Dreamset Infinity  
    Dream Set Maverick Dream Set Maverick  
    Slot Club Las Vegas Slot Club Las Vegas  
    Dream Set Paradise Dream Set Paradise  
    High 7 Evolution High 7 Evolution  
    Slot Club New York Slot Club New York  
    Slot Club Miami Slot Club Miami  
    Dream Set Universe Dream Set Universe  
    Dream Set Inferno Dream Set Inferno  
    Dream Set Genesis Dream Set Genesis  
    Dream Set Red Dream Set Red  
    Megamix Megamix  
    High 7 Power High 7 Power  
    7 Dreams Legend 7 Dreams Legend  
    7 Dreams Deluxe 7 Dreams Deluxe  
    Dream Set Tornado Dream Set Tornado  
    Dream Set Volcano Dream Set Volcano  
    Pharaoh's Cats Pharaoh's Cats  
    Cool Fishing Cool Fishing  
    Frankenstein's Monster Frankenstein's Monster  
    Lucky Devil Lucky Devil  
    King from the Jungle King from the Jungle  
    Knight & Donkey Knight & Donkey  
    Egyptian Monsters Egyptian Monsters  
    Jolly Dice Jolly Dice  
    Power of Medusa Power of Medusa  
    Re Mida Gold Re Mida Gold  
    Super Cherry Super Cherry  
    Catch the Mouse Catch the Mouse  
    Book of Conquest Book of Conquest  
    Mr. Vampire Mr. Vampire  
    Ancient Empire Ancient Empire  
    Egypt Secrets Egypt Secrets  
    Kingdom Riches Kingdom Riches  
    Halloween Pumpkins Halloween Pumpkins  
    Rich Piggies Rich Piggies  
    Polar Lights Polar Lights  
    Night Life Night Life  
    Banditos Banditos  
    Billionaire Billionaire  
    Gold Pharaoh Gold Pharaoh  
    Chicken Rush Chicken Rush  
    Octoberfest Octoberfest  
    Wild Quest Wild Quest  
    Fruit Party Fruit Party  
    King's Valley King's Valley  
    Helly Hot Helly Hot  
    Ocean dream Ocean dream  
    Gold Fever Gold Fever  
    Mighty Buffalo Mighty Buffalo  
    Secret of Scarab X Secret of Scarab X  
    White Wolf White Wolf  
    Thunder Gems Thunder Gems  
    The Gangster The Gangster  
    King Midas King Midas  
    Wild Kong Wild Kong  
    Dracula's Secrets Dracula's Secrets  
    The Clown The Clown  
    Spartacus Spartacus  
    Night Rider Night Rider  
    Frankenstein Frankenstein  
    Chicken farm Chicken farm  
    Book of Shadows Book of Shadows  
    Vegas Night Vegas Night  
    Golden Saloon Golden Saloon  
    Voodoo Magic Voodoo Magic  
    Alcatraz Alcatraz  
    Mummy Mummy  
    Gods Power Gods Power  
    Bunny's Dolls Bunny's Dolls  
    Scarab Queen Scarab Queen  
    Wild Fox Wild Fox  
    Wild Panda Wild Panda  
    Little Italy Little Italy  
    Sun of Egypt Sun of Egypt  
    God of Olympus God of Olympus  
    Crazy Diamonds Crazy Diamonds  
    Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom  
    Gold of Ra Gold of Ra  
    Wild West Wild West  
    True American True American  
    Monster Party Monster Party  
    Nefertari Nefertari  
    Wild Cherry Wild Cherry  
    Witch Night Witch Night  
    Fortune God Fortune God  
    Pantheon of Gods Pantheon of Gods  
    Pharaoh's Gold Pharaoh's Gold  
    Dynamite Jack Dynamite Jack  
    Devil's Heart Devil's Heart  
    Monte Carlo Monte Carlo  
    Secret Island Secret Island  
    Witch Magic Witch Magic  
    Scary Family Scary Family  
    Funny Monkey Funny Monkey  
    Jolly Roger Jolly Roger  
    Wily Fox Wily Fox  
    Dragon King Dragon King  
    Princess of the Nile Princess of the Nile  
    Golden Fortunes Golden Fortunes  
    Laser stars Laser stars  
    Dragon's Ring Dragon's Ring  
    Fireballs Fireballs  
    Dream Box Evolution Dream Box Evolution  
    7 Dreams Diamond 7 Dreams Diamond  
    Dream Set Galaxy Dream Set Galaxy  
    7 Dreams Red 7 Dreams Red  
    Dream Set Fever Dream Set Fever  
    Dream Set Platinum Dream Set Platinum  
    High 7 High 7  
    High 5 High 5  
    Cashmania Cashmania  
    PlayOne PlayOne  
    Magic Suite Magic Suite  
    Royal Suite Gold Royal Suite Gold  
    Brave Musketeers Brave Musketeers  
    Tarzan Tarzan  
    Bloody Vampire Bloody Vampire  
    Cleopatra Cleopatra  
    Halloween Fortune Halloween Fortune  
    Atlantis Atlantis  
    Geronimo Geronimo  
    Sultan Sultan  
    Big Grizzly Big Grizzly  
    Fire Bird Fire Bird  
    Magic Frog Magic Frog  
    Royal Fruits Royal Fruits  
    Mexicaner Mexicaner  
    Circus Circus  
    Jungle Bucks Jungle Bucks  
    Golden Suite Golden Suite  
    Mystic Pharaoh Mystic Pharaoh  
    Dream Set Diamond Dream Set Diamond  
    Space Blast Space Blast  
    Disco Baby Disco Baby  
    Lucky Fruits Lucky Fruits  
    King Zeus King Zeus  
    Big Boss Big Boss  
    7 Fruits 7 Fruits  
    Multigame Green Edition Multigame Green Edition  
    Minotaur Minotaur  
    Dream Set Gold Dream Set Gold  
    Revenger Revenger  
    Multigame Blue Edition Multigame Blue Edition  
    Lone Wolf Lone Wolf  
    Sherlock Sherlock  
    Gamezone Gamezone  
    Zic-Zac Zic-Zac  
    Five Stars Five Stars  
    Golden Egypt Golden Egypt  
    Bacco & Venere Bacco & Venere  
    Luna Park Luna Park  
    Vortex Vortex  
    80 Days Around The World 80 Days Around The World  
    Alchemist Alchemist  
    Dream Set Black Dream Set Black  
    Rodeo Girls Rodeo Girls  
    Golden Key Golden Key  
    Icy Fruits Icy Fruits  
    Bombay Bombay  
    Dragons' Queen Dragons' Queen  
    Lone Island Lone Island  
    Zombie Lab Zombie Lab  
    The Forge The Forge  
    Mister X Theft Master Mister X Theft Master  
    Pirates & Treasures Pirates & Treasures  
    Sahara Sahara  
    Troy The Legend Of Glory Troy The Legend Of Glory  
    Dream Set Red Dream Set Red  
    Re Mida Re Mida  
    Queen Of Empire Queen Of Empire  
    Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter  
    King Neptun King Neptun  
    Joker & Fruits Joker & Fruits  
    Lords of North Lords of North  
    Multigame Black Edition Multigame Black Edition  
    Chicago Night Legend Chicago Night Legend  
    Conquest Conquest  
    Vikings Vikings  
    Mechanica Mechanica  
    3 Elements 3 Elements  
    Wild Kong Wild Kong  
    Prehistoric Prehistoric  
    Commandos Gold Commandos Gold  
    Road Kings Road Kings  
    Commandos Commandos  
    Billy Bones Returns Billy Bones Returns  
    Stargazer Stargazer  
    Safari Safari  
    Cocktail Bar Cocktail Bar  
    Wild Witches Wild Witches  
    Gladiators Gladiators  
    Indiani Indiani  
    Slot Club Gold Slot Club Gold  
    Corrida Corrida  
    Templari Templari  
    UFO UFO  
    Bat Family Bat Family  
    Antiquary Antiquary  
    Betty Bones Betty Bones  
    Don Milionario Don Milionario  
    Circus Wild Circus Wild  
    American Life American Life  
    Slot Club Silver Slot Club Silver  
    China Gold China Gold  
    Submarine Submarine  
    Space of Magic Space of Magic  
    Africana Africana  
    Texas Store Texas Store  
    Paris Paris Paris Paris  
    Cash Magnet Cash Magnet  
    Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago  
    Dragon Dice Dragon Dice  
    Free Wild Free Wild  
    Marvel Park Marvel Park  
    Hot Race Hot Race  
    Black Jack Club Black Jack Club  
    Roulette Club Roulette Club  
    Sweet Rome Sweet Rome  
    Foods Killer Foods Killer  
    Billy Bones Billy Bones  
    Chicago Night Chicago Night  
    Commander Parrot Commander Parrot  
    Spin & Win Spin & Win  
    Wild Cards Wild Cards  
    Golden Chip Golden Chip  
    Captain Parrot Captain Parrot  
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